Android vs iOS is a battle that will never end. With the advancement in technology, there are different types of devices, gadgets, and software introduced in the market. Standard set by the Android and iOS are hard to match. The reason is they have some amazing features that are hard to find.

However, there are many individuals who are ready to buy a new phone. It is confusing for them that which is a better option.

Android vs iOS

Here we have the complete Android vs iOS comparison that will help you make the right choice.

1-Latest technology

Whether it is Android or iOS you will surely find the latest technology in both devices. If you will pay attention you will notice both platforms are working hard on the features. They assure to provide their customers with the latest technology. They are competing. This is the reason that in the limited time the companies have grown to a new level of success. When you will pay attention to specifications of Android vs iOS, you will notice both technologies are mature.

2-Ease of use

The young generation is born with the phones in their hands. However, the older individuals still have to learn how to use the technology. When it comes to the interface iOS is interesting. It is very easy to use because all the settings are simple. It only takes a few seconds to learn how to use the iOS devices like iPhone. However, with the Android, there are many things users will have to learn. There are several hidden features that are confusing for most users. That is why Android devices are often hard to use. 

3-Complete control over the device

Android or iOS is a question which is confusing. However, if you are planning to have the complete control over our device, Android will be the best option for you.

  1. It is flexible and there are no restrictions related to the type of websites and apps that you can use
  2. There is a download feature that will allow you to download videos and images from different online platforms.
  3. In iOS, you will not get such control over your device. You will be bound to use the device with the limitations.

4-Customization option

The biggest attraction of Android vs iOS comparison is the customization options. The good news is customization options are available on all the devices. You can easily root your Android phone, in order to use it the way you like. In the same way, jailbreak options are available for the iOS devices. It means that if you want, you can easily control your device and get past all the restrictions. However, with the iOS devices, you will still not be able to use the downloading services. It is the facility that you will only find in your Android devices.


In the Android vs iOS comparison, the most important thing that users consider is the security that they will get with their phone. It is clear that you will get the best security with the iOS devices. With the cloud account, only you can access your phone. In case your phone is stolen you can easily trace the device. However, this feature is not available in the Android devices. This is the reason mobile shop owners can easily detect the stolen phone. However, the service of finger lock protection is available in all the device. It means that others cannot enter your phone without permission.

6-Variety of devices

When the question comes to Google or Apple, you have to consider the variety of apps available. You have to know that software and hardware of Apple are a house built. It means that the services are not available for the other companies to use. This is the reason that Apple is unique and there is not a huge variety of products available in the market. However, with the Android, there are no such issues. Google software is open source. This is the reason many companies are working on the technology. They are making their own changes to assure that customers will be attracted towards their products.


Do not forget to consider the affordability of the products you are planning to buy. Due to lack of option and high demand, the cost of iOS devices is higher as compared to many other products available in the market. On the other hand, there are several Android phones available. This is the reason you can easily find some high-tech phones at the most affordable rate. It means that with Android you will surely find a device that will meet your requirements and budget. However, if you have a tight budget you should forget about buying iOS devices.

8-Customer Service

It is important that you pay attention to the customer service of both platforms. It is clear that the customer support team is very responsive and energetic in both companies. You only have to share your issues and they will provide you the best solution. As well as you will get the access to the complete FAQ page. Here you can find the answers of all your questions. You will easily find the solution of the issue you are dealing with. The support team will assure that you will get the services that you want.

Which is a better option

The battle of Android or iOS will never end. The people who like to use iOS will always talk in the favor of iOS and those who love Android will never listen anything bad about it. It is better that you stop listening to others and make your own decision. When it comes to Android vs iOS, you have to consider the features you will get. It is better to buy the product you are most comfortable with. If you are unable to buy the latest model there are several great old versions available as well. Enjoy using your new phone.