Do you want a whole new experience in terms of the computer’s speed ?

Replacing the old fashion hard drive is the quickest and best possible way to make your laptop much faster. Windows will start faster, applications will open faster, computer will work smoother. Even the Internet will seem to be faster! It creates a much better experience of using the comuter. Work better, concentrate on productivity.

Difference between the normal HDD hard drive and SSD drive is the speed of SSD much higher and no moving parts in SSD

When we replace the hard drive, we need to make sure that it can fit the 2.5inch SSD. Then, we replace the HDD with 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB or 2TB SSD, up to your choice.

After that, we install the operating system, the latest supported by your laptop. Optionally we copy your personal files from the old hard drive.

Samsung EVO SSD 850 is one of the fastest SSD drives and we use them for our SSD upgrade services in London same day

Please note, the base price does include only the labour but not the cost of the SSD.