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We fix most of problems with your desktop computer

6 months warranty on most computer repair services.*


PC Desktop power supply replacement service by computer repair company

No power

Not turning on ? Most of the time this is a power supply. We will diagnose it to confirm the problem and replace it with a high quality, similar specification or better. We can give you a good recommendation for the replacement either you use your PC for work or you are a gamer.

Motherboard repair services in London by computer repair company Fixfactor

Faulty components

Desktop PC has a modular built what makes it easier to upgrade or to repair if any of those components are faulty. We specialise in diagnostic to find out what part for your desktop needs to be replaced. Parts that may be faulty include the motherboard, graphic card, processor, hard drive, power supply, Ram memory but sometimes it can be just the software issue. 

Ram memory upgrade services in UK

RAM memory upgrade

Upgrading the RAM is the first thing to make your PC run faster and smoother. If you are a professional graphic designer, video maker or a gamer, this service is for you. The job can provide while you wait but please contact us before your visit. We can also advice size of the memory – 8GB, 16GB or maybe 64Gb ?

PC desktop repair services in UK including overheating repairs service

Overheating issues

When your desktop PC shuts down frequently, we will check the temperature of processor and graphic card first. If we find that it is too high, we will replace the comptbound thermal paste and clean the cooling system. If anything needs to be replaced, we will inform you about that first.

Hard drive replacement services in UK by computer repair specialists

Hard drive help

When your computer doesnt start up, it can be also a hardware problem. We can check the condition of the hard drive by removing it and testing on our diagnostic machine. If we find a fault, we suggest to backup all data and replace the storage.

Desktop PC speed optimalisation services in UK

Speed optimalisation

You desktop computer still have a potential to run smoother and faster. We can give you some professional advice, how to upgrade it at minimum cost. (read more)

Data recovery services for retreving your lost data

Data recovery

If your computer failed but the thing that you need are your files, we will put it as priority to recover your data. This can be done even if the hard drive is faulty or you have accidentally deleted everything. This process may take few days. Please specify what type of files you want us to recover. (read more)

Windows problem repair for software issues viruses and speed optimalization

Software issues repair

We can help if your Windows operating system started to be very slow or it does not start. Any threads including viruses will be removed and your data will be backed up. We can fix any Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10 issues, help you with an upgrade to latest Windows or reinstall the system when it becomes not stable. We can help you with any additional software. (read more)



Not really sure what computer you have ?

Configuration of your PC computer can be identified through the device manager.

You may also find some information on the Windows system if it still boots up. If you cannot turn your PC on, you can find the specs on the box or its original receipt. Those informations are not necessary as we can check everything when you bring your computer to our store. However we won’t be able to give you the quote without diagnosing your PC.





Accessories for your computer ?

We offer a range of high quality and original accessories for your PC desktop computer including USB storage, RAM memory and connection cables. If you cannot find them on our website, please get in touch and we will help you to find the specific item.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


How long does it take to fix my desktop ?

It all depends on the problem you have. Usually we need a day to diagnose it and then 1-3 days to order a part. However some replacement parts we have in stock so the repair may be completed within a day.

Do you use quality computer replacement parts ?

When we repair your PC, we always use search for new exact replacement parts. Sometimes we need to offer you different but similar specification graphic card, power supply, hard drive or RAM memory. If there are used quality alternatives, we can also inform you about this but we will always ask you first.

Do you offer discount if I choose 2 repair services at the same time ?

We may offer you a lower price if you choose 2 repair services at the same time. For example if you replace the power supply and the graphic card, you will get a deal. Please ask our staff for the offer.



PC computer same day repair ?

Bring your faulty PC desktop computer for a quick, high standard repair. Send it for safe Online repair if you live too far. Call us in prior to your visit or use our booking calendar.

We understand it may be difficult to bring your desktop with you so we can come to your house or office and do the diagnostic there. We charge £30 per visit + the cost of repair (if it can be repaired while we there).

Data Privacy Policy

Your files stay safe for the whole process of the repair, we don’t delete your data intentionally. If the data privacy policy is still your concern, we can remove the hard drive which holds all of your files and leave it with you. It takes only 5 minutes to remove it from your laptop and you can take it with you. We have our own hard drives to test your laptop after repair.  This option is possible for hardware repairs only, for any software repair, your we need to have your laptop’s hard drive present. 




Difference between hardware and software repair ?

computer software and hardware repair services in UK

Hardware problems are those of physical nature including physical damages, accidents, batteries or problems with power.

Software issues include issues with viruses, system freezes and other related to operating systems, where you can still operate your laptop.

You don’t need to know what type of problem your laptop has. Our technicians will help you when you bring it to our store or give us a call.


Home visit or remote help ?

REMOTE COMPUTER REPAIR SERVICESWe are able to provide you computer support in your home or office. We can help configuring your email, printer or any other devices, clean your laptop or just give some tips.

This service needs to be booked over the phone. We charge per job or per hour. Alternatively if your laptop is accessible through Internet, we can help remotely, without entering your place. Only software problems can be solved using remote help method.


*There is warranty after software repair services including Windows reinstallation, virus removal or data recovery services. After we complete the job, we ask you to check if everything works fine. We can mend some software issues if those are still present within first few days but please understand that software issues are caused by the user and those can be created again if you continue using it in the same way. We can advice you how to avoid most of computer problems.