Have you lost your files through an accident ?


Bring your laptop, PC or MacBook computer if you cannot access your personal files. The hard drive could develope a fault but there is a big chance for only a software issue. Whatever problem it is, the chance for success is still here.

We use all latest methods to retrieve your files from all type of hard drives, memory cards, SSD drives and flash storage.

We are your first place to come if you are local (South London). There are some places which specialise in a deep data recoveries but they charg much more and you may not really need to use them. We give you a quote before we start the job.

Our success rate is 85% but if for any reason we cannot get your files, we will advice you about possible options.

If you files cannot be accessed they may not be there anymore. As we have spent several hours trying to restore your files, we charge £25 service fee for the service. You will get a report telling why the files cannot be restored and a professional advice about what elsce can be done.

Whatever way we attempt to recover your data, we never make it worst.