Difference between non-OEM and OEM replacement parts.

There is is a variety of replacement parts available for various electronic devices on the market. The more popular device, the more tempting it is for China to make a cheaper clone of the original replacement part.

You cannot find different qualities for every mobile phone but only for those that are used commonly and utilise standard technology. For example, every single iPhone has a non-OEM part equivalent available but only few Samsung phones have copy displays available.

It is not necessarily wrong to use non-OEM parts ! Most of them is of a good quality, very often difficult to notice for a general user. In terms of replacement screens, usually issue are the slightly lower brightness and colour saturation of the reproduced picture. Difference in price between OEM and non-OEM parts is usually significant giving the chance for the repair for less.

Non-OEM phone screens – cheaper but providing same functionality like original, including touch sensitivity and screen resolution (sharpness). You may notice some difference in the maximum brightness (slightly darker screen) and colour saturation of the reproduced picture (colours may be less vibrant or differently calibrated). Also, the front glass quality may be different.

OEM phone screens – top quality replacement parts, made from original materials. You should expect quality same as before the damage. The brightness, the front glass, resolution and colours will be same as on the new phone. Please note, for iPhones, OEM means original materials but could the glass and the screen could be assembled by third party manufacturers. That could result in minimal differences in colour calibrations on some iPhone models.

Please note, regardless of the parts quality, none of third party repair shops can restore water and dust resistant seal to same degree as it was before the damage.

Our job is to provide you transparent and quality service. Regardless if you choose OEM or non-OEM replacement part, you will receive fully working device with warranty for the repair. We always select best non-OEM parts and test them before returning fixed devices back to you. In fact, many users only notice a difference when they compare both quality screens side by side.