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Drone repair services for broken arm, damaged motor,
gimbal issues, water damage, camera issues and more.


DJI Mavic Pro Repair Service in London by Fix Factor

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We repair drone’s common faults



Gimbal Replacement Repair

We can repair damaged camera system on your DJI drone. If we cannot repair, we will replace.

Alignment and Calibration Service

If your drone has problems with calibration, we can help you with this.

Drone Firmware Repair

Did the update fail ? Do you have any software problems with your DJI drone ? Let our technicians know !



DJI Drone Repair London Including Motor repair, camera repair


Water Damage Repair

Water damage drone repair possible within few days. Although there is no guarantee, we have experience with fixing liquid damaged devices.

Cosmetic Damage Repair

Drone with broken arm, cracked body or any other damage to your DJI drone can be fixed. We start from diagnostic service first to give you exact estimate.

Drone Diagnostic Service

If your drone has any other faults that you want us to determine, arrange the service and we will prepare the quote within  usually 48 hours. 


Drone test flight after repair

To repair your drone, we need to disassemble it, replace the faulty part and assemble it back. This is complicated process and to make sure everything is working fine, we need to test it. You can test it by yourself while you are in our store but if the repair takes more time or if you send it for repair, we will confirm success of the repair after the test flight.

About drone repair

We are big drone fans. I personally have DJI Mavic Pro, which I think is brilliant ! My Mavic Pro has been to different parts of the world, giving me the joy of filming some really beautiful landscapes. On a daily basis, it gives me so much fan just to operate it.

There is not too much competition for the DJI on the consumer’s drone market. If you think about getting a drone, you should only consider which DJI drone to get. Other companies try to compete but they are years behind. There is small exception if you plan to spend £10k -£30k for high end commercial drone but this is another story.

If you get any problems with your DJI drone, we are here to help. If it felt on the ground or to the water and does not work, there is still some chance it get be repaired. Drones have modular built and most of aspects of it can be replaced, including motors, body, camera, gimbal, arms or memory card slot. From our experience, the most commons issues are camera gimbal, camera gimbal vibration absorbing system, camera sensor, GPS, damaged motors and broken drone arms after crash.

We have a good chain of drone parts suppliers, most of repairs requiring replacing faulty part need up to 2 days. If the repair does not require replacements, we may complete the job same day !

Select the drone repair type that you need. Next, choose the way how you want to get it repaired: by post or in the store. We offer 3 months warranty on all drone repairs, excluding water damage repair and software repair.

Still not sure ? Read what customers say about their repair experience on Google or Trustpilot. 


Drone Repair Service DJI Mavic Pro Repair London