Customer has booked the Google Pixel 2 XL screen repair service through our website and send the phone for priority repair (by paying £9 extra for the postage on the Checkout). We have received it on Monday morning and sent it back before 4pm same day repaired.

Visual inspection proved the front glass at the bottom part of the phone was broken. The screen was still functional. There were no other damage to the frame or back of the Pixel 2 XL. At this stage we wanted to to test the phone to make sure there are no other faults with buttons, speakers, etc. However the phone was password protected and customer did not include it with the order. We had to call for the password.

It was now possible to carefully test the phone. All was fine. Now it is the time to remove the screen. We heat it a little and slowly remove, carefully, not to scratch the frame !

Next, we clean the frame from the old glue and pieces of the glass. Lets connect the new screen and test it ! Confirmed that it works fine. Time for the adhesive, some glue, fitting and waiting. After 45 minutes it is ready. Time to clean it and test again. Yes, the repair is successful. Check the repair gallery below.



Do you have Google Pixel 2 XL with broken screen ? Book the repair here.