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Honor is Huawei’s sub-brand. Choose repair service for broken screen, battery replacement,
charging fix, water damage, software issues and more.


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Identifying model of your Honor phone.

You can check the model of your Honor phone by the model number at the back of your phone or in the settings. It should look like: AL-09L or simillar. You can also identify it by the IMEI number. Just dial like you were calling somebody: *#06#. If you cannot access your phone, you can find the model number / IMEI on the original box or receipt. Below link will take you to the website where you can enter the IMEI and you will see the name and model of your phone.
Click here.


FInd your phone name by checking the IMEI number


If you still have problems with recognising model of your Honor phone, just bring it, send us an e-mail or give us a call.

Honor Repair Services



Water Damage Repair

We have a high success rate of repairing liquid damaged Honor phones and we deal with all phone brands but there is no promise for repair. Pay only if it works !

Broken Screen Repair

Honor phone with broken front glass, touchscreen problems, vertical lines on the screen or nothing on the screen repaired within 1 hour.

Charging Port Repair

We will diagnose the problem with charging port and replace it if faulty. The repair usually takes 30 minutes.



Huawei mate 9 repair services


Camera and Lens Repair

Broken camera lens or autofocus issues with your Honor’s back camera, repair usually takes less than 1 hour.

Back Panel Replacement

Bend frame, side buttons not working or just too many scratches will be remove when we remove the back panel frame. Please tell us the color of your Honor phone.

Battery Replacement

If your Honor phone is powering on but does not hold a charge for too long, you may need a new battery. The repair takes 30 minutes and requires booking. Prices start from £29.

Phone repair services provide your password

We always test your Honor phone after repair

To repair your phone, we need to disassemble it, replace the faulty part and assemble it back. This is complicated process and to make sure everything is working fine, we need to test it. You can test it by yourself while you are in our store but if the repair takes more time or if you send it for repair, we need your passcode, pattern lock or password. We won’t be able to test it without it.

Your data stay safe for the whole process of testing and we don’t change anything in settings.

About us

Welcome to high standard repairs, possibly while you wait. We treat every customer individually with emphasis on quality of our service. We don’t guess, we don’t lie or give false informations. We care.

Did you know Honor is actually the Huawei’s sub brand ? Each repair job starts with diagnostic to confirm that the repair will work. We promise to repair your device as quickly as possible. Highest quality service guaranteed.

We are in a constant process of training, there is no device too new or too difficult to repair. Even if it has been run over by a car, we will try to fix it.

Select the phone repair type that you need. Next, choose the way how you want to get it repaired: by post or in the store. We offer 6 months warranty on our services, including parts and the labour*. See you soon !




*6 months warranty does not apply to water damage repair services and software repairs. The warranty does not cover physical damage. Read more about the warranty.