Replacing camera lens on previous iPhones including iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 was the usual service so when the iPhone 8 and iPhone X was introduced, we said: no problem. After we got the call for the iPhone X camera lens repair, the question was: why Apple wants around £500 for the repair ?

The customer was our regular customer and he brought iPhone X with camera lens cracked. He asked if this is possible to be done as Apple claims that the whole frame needs to be changed. We have done the research and found replacement parts available making the camera lens repair possible.

From our experience we know that once the camera lens is broken, the camera sensor is exposed to wet and dust. There was a risk that the internal camera need to be changed with the lens, especially that it was broken for over a month… The price we have quoted was over 5 times cheaper than Apple asked. Customer agreed immediately.

New camera lens arrived next day and we have started from removing the broken camera lens glass. Pictures were blurred and the autofocus was not working properly. We still didn’t know if the camera needs to be changed. Removing the camera lens glass required lots of patience.

Finally, we can check the camera. Air duster + alcohol + microfibre was used to clean the camera. Luckily enough the sensor didn’t need to be replaced. We only needed to fit the new camera lens. We have used some adhesive that guarantees proper fitting. The camera lens looks like new. Although we cannot guarantee the iPhone X to be waterproof, it is way cheaper (£89) than £500 asked by Apple.

Check the gallery below.


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