Professional, reliable IT support for South London

We can solve your computer problems so that you can spend time on the important things in your life!

Where do I find a reliable IT support for my small business ?
If you need an IT support available on request we are another company to choose from. What differs us from the competitors ?

– One-to-one consultations and dedicated IT technician
– Many payment options – short therm contracts
– We are local and we always be! Quality not a quantity. You are only one of few companies we want to work with. One technician is responsible only for maximum of 3 customers to provide you the most effective help!
– We can help you remotely or get to your office and work on site.

Range of services.
From hardware and software troubleshooting, server administration to new IT technology implementations.

– Networking, network design, network troubleshooting
– Backup, cloud backup, regular backups
– Windows migration, operating system upgrades and maintenance
– Hardware and software maintenance, desktop computer administration, server setup
– Microsoft Office setup
– Printer and office equipment setup

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