When it comes to mobile phone repairs, there is many ways how it could got damaged. Most of accidental repairs cover screen replacements, changing back glass, camera, batteries or sometimes charging ports.

There are repairs that require much more knowledge and skills. Component level repairs require using microscope, super-precision equipment, diagnosing skills and a lot of experience. Some mobile phone motherboard chips are of the size of 0.5mm. This requires surgical precision. There is only few companies in UK that can perform this kind of repairs.

We provide microsoldering services repairing mobile phones and laptops. Your faulty iPhone motherboard can be repairable and we can also recover your files. Phone’s logic board related problems like no backlight, no LCD, no charging, no power, no touch, bootloopin many cases can be fixed. We can replaced any kind of small connectors. We support Apple iPhone logic board repairs, Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel, OnePlus and many more. We can fix water damaged phones and if it cannot be repaired, we can try to recover your data. If your phone has been damaged by another phone repair company, we may be the right place to fix this.