One of the largest mobile phone makers in the world, Oppo, has announced it’s launch in the UK. This is a big news, chinese Oppo is the 5th biggest smartphone manufacturer, mostly selling in China. 

Few months ago, Xiaomi entered British market with a great success. Then, OnePlus, exclusive to O2, recently bacame available in more UK carriers. And lastly, Huawei (yes, Chinese company) has become the most popular phone brand in the country, with its Huawei P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro flagship phones.

We wish Oppo lots of success. This brand bring many innovations in terms of design, functionality and price. Oppo Find X is the full front screen without any bezel, R17 charges in 5 minutes. However we still don’t know which models they will bring to the UK market.

There is interesting fact behind Oppo. The company is the actual owner of the OnePlus brand. If you look closer on the Oppo R17 and latest OnePlus 6T you will find many similarities (or maybe no difference at all). Probably OnePlus showed them the great potential and change of perception for Chinese mobile phones.

Following the news, we are introducing repair services for the Oppo brand. We have already fixed few in the past but we have never listed them on the website. We hope to become number one repair place for all Oppo mobile phones.

In terms of repairability, there are only parts for Oppo R11, R11s, R9s and R9 available in the UK. Other parts would need to be sourced directly from China. This is why repair services for Oppo may take bit more time than 1-2 days. As soon as we have more inquiries, we fill our inventory to offer same day repairs.

If you are looking for a new phone, we highly recommend you to check what Oppo has in the offer. As always we don’t wish you ever need to repair your phone but if you do, we are here to help you.

Check Oppo repair services here:

Update (31/01/19)

OPPO has landed. Its high end mobile phones including Oppo Find X and R17 are available in Carephone Warehouse. The brand wants to compete directly with Huawei, according to press.