Surface Go Screen Repair


Get the Microsoft Surface Go broken screen replaced same day by specialists.

New, original replacement screen and front glass for Microsoft Surface Go, tested before in our lab

Ready in 3 hours if you bring it to our store [?]

3 days turnaround if you send it. You can upgrade to express repair for Next Day return [?]

6 months warranty for the screen and the labour


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Surface Go broken screen repaired same day by Fixfactor specialist.

Select this service if you have a problem with the Microsoft Surface Go broken LCD display, broken front glass, touch function not working , Surface pen not registering input, backlight flickering, display ghosting / blurring, vertical lines on the screen or no picture on the display at all. 

This kind of damage usually happens if you drop the tablet on the hard surface, press the screen too strong or if your tablet have contact with the water (internal damage). It has been proven that the screen on Surface Pro tablets can develop a fault after years of use, for no particular reason.

Microsoft Surface repair in london service fixfactor

We use original Microsoft replacement parts giving you perfect repair results. It comes as the front glass and the LCD that are glued together. If the front glass is broken, we also replace the LCD display. The bonding material we use for fitting, guarantees perfect repair results.Microsoft Surface screen repair service in london

About the repair process.

The repair starts from checking the frame and its corners for the condition. If the aluminium fame is bend or damaged that the new screen cannot be fitted, there may be additional cost of up to £50 and extra 1-2 hours needed for the repair. You will be informed about this before we proceed. We never start the repair without your agreement.

Next, we start preheating front of the Surface Go tablet, what makes it little easier to remove the broken screen. It is still a time consuming job, that requires lots of attention, broken glass needs to be removed slowly. There are Wifi, Bluetooth antennas and speaker meshes that can be easily damaged.

Once the glass and the screen are removed, we clean the frame and check if its not damaged. At this stage, we insert the screen temporarily to se