Xiaomi Mi 6 Camera Lens Repair


Get your Xiaomi Mi 6 broken back camera lens fixed same day by specialists.

New, original camera lens for Xiaomi Mi 6 replacement,  quality tested in our lab

Ready in 1 hour if you bring it to the Store [?]

3 days turnaround if you send it. You can upgrade to express repair for Next Day return [?]

6 months warranty for parts and labour



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Back glass broken on your Xiaomi Mi 6 ? We know how to fix it !

You are in the right place if you want to get the camera lens repaired and fix blurred pictures. The repair does not include a new camera if that needs to be replaced.

We will replace the back glass lens and clean the internal camera inside. However sometimes it appears that the camera is already damaged too (autofocus doesn’t work, noise in the background). If the camera inside has to be replaced, there will be additional cost.

About the repair process.

The repair process starts with slightly heating the back glass on the special plate. It melts the glue a bit so removing the back glass is easier and safer. We are very careful not to damage any components that are hidden under the back glass. Only after we remove the back, we can replace the camera lens.

To guarantee your satisfaction, we replace the camera lens with the high quality part. The mounting point is a double sided adhesive, exactly the same as Xiaomi uses and that guarantees the perfect fit.

Our technicians will repair your phone while you wait, if it is possible. In most cases the repair doesn’t take longer than 1 hour including testing your Xiaomi Mi 6 after repair. If you have sent it in for Online repair, we will return your phone within few days or the next day if you have selected priority repair. Expect perfect results when you get your phone back !

We test your phone after we fix it.

Your Xiaomi Mi 6 will be carefully tested after repair. The test includes the new camera glass lens fitting, camera autofocus but also we confirm other functions to work properly after we assembled the phone back (speaker and the microphone, network range, calling funciton, front camera, charging, speakers, Wifi). After you receive the phone back, we kindly ask you to test it again.

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Get a discount when choosing multiple services.

We can fix many other faults related to the Xiaomi Mi 6 phone. If you require back camera lens or camera replacement, help flashing Android firmware on your phone, let us know ! If you choose replacing the battery while changing the screen or charging port, the price will be reduced. You can select desired repair service from the main menu or just give us a call and we will assist you.

Does your Xiaomi Mi 6 have additional damage that you don’t wish to fix ?

If your phone has broken front glass, camer