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We offer same day return on some mobile phone and computer repairs. The offer is only available to London customers. We use bicycle, motor or car couriers at additional cost.

1. The additional cost is around £25-50. We can confirm the cost before you decide to use the service.

2. We need to receive the phone by 1pm to be able to return it same day. We can recommend a courier.

3. You need to give us a call first (0208 543 7088) to get it confirmed if we can fix your phone for same day return on that particular day.

What can be fixed same day ?

  • broken screen and front glass
  • broken back panel
  • battery problems
  • some software problems
  • some laptop hard drive replacements
  • some obvious issues

What cannot be done for same day return ?

  • water damage problems
  • data recovery
  • motherboard replairs
  • most of diagnostic services
  • unknown issues and complex problems


Please note: It happens sometimes that potentially easy repair that should be completed within 20 minutes, gives us a hard time and we cannot complete it same day. Please be aware that it is rare but possible and this mysterious law applies to everyone on Earth ! In such situations we can offer you:

  1. Replacement phone untill yours is ready.
  2. Return of your phone same day not repaired. (please be aware may be not fully assembled if repair was in the very advanced stage).
  3. Return of your phone once it is ready. You will get an estimate of return when we find that we cannot return it same day.


Are you ready to get a quote ?

Please call: 0208 543 7088.