Do you know what the sapphire glass is ? Well, it is a crystal which is being synthetically achieved especially in the last few years. Reason ? It is really really hard, resistant and since 2003 becomes really cheap. It is being used in the jewellery industry but also for optical components. High end watches like Rollex also use sapphire crystal. Apple used sapphire glass to protect the touch ID home button in its iPhone 5S.

It looks like we will hear and see more sapphire glass in the nearest future. The current strongest material used to protect LCD screen of Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5S which is the Gorilla Glass will have a very strong competition. Apple already has opened a factory manufacturing this strong material. Will we see it protecting the front in the new iPhone 6 ? We will see. For now we know that…

… it is not as unbreakable as being advertised. It still breaks. I mean comparing to the Gorilla Glass and running it thought same set of tests it shows that RaPhone will still have at least same group of clients.

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