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Collected phone..working 100% now...great guys, very polite and professional..replaced LCD screen. I waited and watched Great service.I decided to travel across London to this small business.Very happy with the whole process.read more
16:10 09 Apr 19
Super quick, the guys in here are friendly and know exactly what they’re doing. They recommended other products to protect my phone which was super helpful. All round a great experience!read more
Kate Burns
Kate Burns
17:51 23 Mar 19
This is a quality establishment, I went in having been told by another establishment that I had a broken power button on my iPhone 6 which needed a full replacement. However, having gone into Raphone, they didn't commit to what the issue was but said they would take a look and give me a quote. Low and behold it was a huge dust build up which they cleared for a lower price. They could have easily said "yes you need a new component" and charged me for parts and labour but instead they were honest and I was out the door in 5 mins. As I said, this is a quality establishment and can be trusted. Also the guys working there are super friendly and take great pride in their work!read more
P Ghumra
P Ghumra
15:34 28 Feb 19
The process was seamless and user friendly. My repair was carried out quickly and with no fuss. Very recommended.
Phil Wild
Phil Wild
14:05 26 Feb 19
Been twice in the past two months for a broken Huawei P20 Pro screen and both times been fixed with a smile, and in no time at all. I love these guys! Only recommendation to RA is to perhaps start a loyalty card ?read more
Madeleine Crossan
Madeleine Crossan
17:25 23 Feb 19
Fixed my Asus laptop screen within a couple of days. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Reasonable price. Excellent service.read more
william hemmings
william hemmings
16:03 14 Feb 19
Super fast and friendly service.Replaced my battery and they weren't going to charge if the screen broke unlike ismash.Would Recommend to allread more
Thomas Bridge
Thomas Bridge
13:37 09 Feb 19
Great service, sent in my Mi Mix 2s and unfortunately they could not repair it but they tried every way and were very apologetic about it.read more
Stuart Thirlwell
Stuart Thirlwell
09:25 06 Feb 19
Fantastic service! Very friendly, honest and professional. I had my iPhone 7 plus screen replaced, which was done in 30 minutes and £50.00 cheaper than at Apple. I also purchased a glass screen protector which is of superb quality for just £10, which they kindly applied for me (perfectly, I may add). Thank you guys... I greatly appreciate the wonderful service!read more
Edward Hodge
Edward Hodge
18:31 05 Feb 19
Sent my blackberry key 2 in on Friday as I had managed to smash the screen, emailed me Saturday that they have got my phone and on Monday morning called to say phone is fixed on its way back, outstanding service. I've got my phone back and really happy to recommend theses guys, first class!read more
Simon Mukhtar
Simon Mukhtar
17:48 05 Feb 19
Amazing service. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable, they replaced my phone battery very quickly and it's been working brilliantly for over six months now. Would definitely recommend this place!read more
Bianca W
Bianca W
16:20 04 Feb 19
Very lovely service. My phone got fixed in a reasonable price and time. Would recommend it.
Sihui Huang
Sihui Huang
10:28 04 Feb 19
A very friendly and professional service. Highly recommended. Quick and efficient, thank you!
Chris Etherington
Chris Etherington
18:23 27 Jan 19
Legends. Honest, professional and quite frankly a rare bunch in today's business world. If you have ANY issues with your mobile/tablet/laptop - these are the guys to turn to. Phenomenal service.read more
Shina O
Shina O
09:00 27 Jan 19
Seriously impressive service from RA Phone FixFactor UK in South Wimbledon replacement BlackBerry PRIV battery. 1 hour turnaround efficient and friendly team. Highly recommended. Brilliant. Thank you.read more
Keith Widdop gis2xl
Keith Widdop gis2xl
17:04 08 Jan 19
Fantastic and fast service. Even repaired my camera and speaker on the house! Highly recommend these great people!
David Shtern
David Shtern
14:01 21 Dec 18
Top notch! Efficient service, good communication and very professional service from these friendly guys when I needed my phone screen replaced.read more
James Penrose
James Penrose
17:23 10 Dec 18
Excellent customer service! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff who really care about fixing your device and know what they are doing! Definitely recommend!read more
Erin Kosobudska
Erin Kosobudska
00:01 05 Dec 18
Used this Company on a recommendation and great reviews. Can only say that the excellent feedback is fully justified. Right from the moment of first telephone call, Ceasar was most professional in explaining costs and timescale of my Samsung screen repair. Raphone may not be the cheapest, but certainly seems the best. My phone had been returned looking like new and seems to be working normally. Would thoroughly recommend this professional company and not hesitate to use again.read more
Daphne Thomas
Daphne Thomas
17:15 10 Nov 18
Excellent service and advice. The job only took a few minutes and I wasn't charged! Also the waiting area is very clean and stylish (if you did have to wait!). Very impressed by the friendly and knowledgeable staff.read more
Jane Kersley
Jane Kersley
11:10 08 Nov 18
Professional and friendly service. Went in there to check a faulty phone battery, or so I thought. They stayed after hours waiting for me to get there, diagnosed that the issue wasn't the battery (I'd been told this by other repair shops...trying to get a quick buck no doubt) and then didn't charge me a thing for it. May be able to find a cheaper quick fix elsewhere but wouldn't trust anyone more than these guys with my phone.read more
Adam Shone
Adam Shone
09:20 15 Aug 18
I had broken the glass in front of my phone's camera, something that the manufacturers official repairer said they didn't know they could fix, and would take at least 7 days.I contacted Raphone by email and got a quick reply confirming they could fix it, and the price. I then went into the store and dropped my phone off and it was fixed in under 2 hours.Staff on email and in person were very friendly and helpful and prices were reasonable.This isn't one of those dodgy looking phone repair places, this is a legitimate and professional store and services. Very happy with everything.read more
Marshall Whitehouse
Marshall Whitehouse
12:13 26 Jul 18
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Fixfactor is Xiaomi phone’s repair specialist

Xiaomi may be a new phone brand to most but it is in fact one of the biggest manufacturers in the world. They have officially landed in the UK in 2018 so we expect for the brand to become here more and more popular.

We are one of only few repair places in the UK that fix Xiaomi phones. We have biggest experience, as we have been fixing Xiaomi phones for early adopters since 2015.

We can repair most problems Xiaomi phones including Xiaomi Mi 8, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s, Redmi Note series or the very popular Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Xiaomi common problems, like software issues or some design flaws are not new to us. We take all Xiaomi repair jobs, starting from broken screen, charging port issues, battery replacement, camera lens or back glass. We can even fix most of software problems related to China or Global ROM.

Most of Xiaomi replacement parts we keep in stock. If replacement part is not available in the UK, we can order it directly from chineese supplier if only you can wait few days longer.

We guarantee our work with minimum of 6 months warranty, excluding software repair and water damage service.

Select the phone repair type that you need. Next, choose the way how you want to get it repaired: by post or in the store. See you soon !

with Select the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 repair type. If you cannot find the service that you need, let us know. Choose the way how you want to get it repaired – by post or while you wait in the store.

We care also after the repair. All our repair services come with warranty. Satisfaction guaranteed ! Don’t just take our word for it, read what customers say on Google or Trustpilot.



We fix all common technical issues

Each repair we start with diagnostics to localise
source of faults and apply correct solution.

Micro Soldering Repair

Board level repair using microscope. We resolve problems that others cannot fix. We have the best equipment available for this kind of repair.

Broken Screen Repair

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 broken front glass, touchscreen problems, vertical lines on the screen or nothing on the screen repaired within 2 hours.

Charging Port Repair

We will diagnose the problem with your Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 charging port and replace it if faulty. The repair usually takes 1 hour.


Camera and Lens Fix

Broken camera lens or autofocus issues with your Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 back camera, repair takes less than 1 hour.

Back Panel Repair

Bend frame, side buttons not working or just too many scratches will be remove when we remove the back panel frame. Please tell us the color of your Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 phone.

Battery Replacement

If your Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is powering on but does not hold a charge for too long, you may need a new battery. The repair takes around 1 hour and requires booking.

Frequently asked questions


Front glass is the outer layer of the screen protecting it and making the inner display stronger. The LCD / Amoled screen is right under the front glass and it is the actual display + the touch input (digitizer). Your phone can still work with broken front glass but if the screen is broken, it may not register the touch, show vertical lines on the display or may not show anything at all.

The price is the same because we have to replace both parts every time. This is because they are bonded together and any attempt to separate them could break the screen or the result of repair could not be satisfying. We only separated those services to help you identify the actual screen problem with your phone.

We use highest quality replacement parts to fix your Xiaomi phone. All parts are tested before we fit them. Screen replacements are Xiaomi same specification, expect perfect repair.

We use highest quality parts and bonding material but we cannot be responsible for your waterproof phone to be water resistant after repair as this is a subject to the manufacturer’s internal tests when they manufacture the phone. Although we believe that it should be water resistant to some degree, you expose it to water at your own risk.

We offer 90 days warranty on all hardware repairs. The warranty covers parts and labours. Software repairs can be guaranteed but depends on the problem. You will be informed once we diagnose the problem with your phone.

Please tell us how much you can pay for the phone repair. In many cases we can offer you a discount. Yes, we are open to negotiations.

Yes we do ! If you are from South West London or Central London area, we can offer you repair in your place. This is a subject to free slots availability. Some repairs need to be done in the laboratory but then we can arrange courier collection and quick return if it needs to be done same day. Please note same day courier is at additional cost.

There are few factors determining time of the repair. For services that we have parts in stock, we are return it fixed within 5 working days or for next day if you choose priority repair. For water damaged phones, diagnostic service or software issues, the repair may take few days. If we need to get parts for the repair, this may take also few more days. Always contact us first to avoid the disappointment.

We never delete your data. Your files stay intact for the whole process of the repair. Although we ask you for the password, we only use it to test the phone after repair. We guarantee the discretion. Please check our privacy policy. At the same time, we are not liable for your data loss if that happens as a result of unforeseen complications.

Once we receive the phone for the repair, we will check the problem by running if thought set of diagnostic tests. If we find that the phone cannot be repaired because of the damage being too complex, we will inform you about this and ask for a diagnostic fee. If we fail to repair your device and this is our fault, we don’t charge you and we will return the device for free. This includes if the repair take longer than we agreed, when we order wrong replacement parts or if we fail to diagnose the problem correctly. In such cases, you have the right to cancel the repair and request the return. Those are very rare situations as we treat each repair individually.

If there is any risk around the repair that could develop additional problems, we will let you know before we start the job. Otherwise we take full responsibility for the work we do and if anything we damage, we will restore it to its full functionality.

To provide correct diagnosis, we may need  1-24 hours and sometimes longer if we need to get replacement parts. Although we can disassemble your device right away and provide brief inspection, we will need more time most likely.  

Similar to diagnostic service, we need few hours to disassemble the device, inspect it, wash the motherboard and dry it. We don’t provide same day repairs for liquid damage devices, it is just not possible to do it right in such a short time.