One of reasons why your computer is slow can be viruses.

If your laptop or PC desktop computer keeps telling you in the aggresive way about potential danger, probably this is only the truth but the real danger is the actual software which informs you about it and not the message about number of viruses. Computer threads have evolved and often they pretend to be your “security software” but in fact, they try to steal your personal data including bank details, contact list and personal informations about you.


Computer threads include viruses, trojans and spyware – those responsible for hundreds of messages which also block access to the Internet.

If you have any reason to think that your computer has be infected, we recommend you to scan it with antivirus software or leave your computer with a computer specialist. Antivirus may not secure your computer if it has been already infected. There is no perfect protection, new threads are being created everyday.

Here are only few symptoms suggesting your computer may be affected by viruses:
– computer is very slow
– Windows displays strange messages
– you computer’s software informs you about number of viruses and asks to buy additional protection
– your computer is out of control

What we do first, is to secure your personal files if those are important to you. Then after we find all threads, we delete them and check Windows system integrity. If Windows system is damaged by viruses, it may be necessary to reinstall it. After that we create new security and recommend you software which can help in the future. Even more important is the advice which you will get about how to use the Internet, which places to avoid.

We recommend to bring or send your computer but the home or office visit is possible too. Sometimes it may be necessary to spend several hours with fixing your computer and that depends on many factors. We can give you a quote after a short interview.