iPhone Xr Charging Port Repair


Get iPhone Xr faulty charging port replaced same day by specialists.

New, original quality charging port for iPhone Xr, quality tested in our lab

Bring your phone for 1 hour repair, done while you wait [?]

Send it in for 5 days turnaround or upgrade to 1- day Express repair [?]

6 months warranty for parts and labour


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iPhone Xr not charging ? We know how to fix it !

If you have a problem with broken charging port, your iPhone Xr phone in not charging or the charging port charges only at certain angles when you move the cable, it is probably the USB charging port problem. The service includes parts and labour.

Before we proceed with replacing it, we will test it first to make sure that replacing the charging port will solve all related problems. All repairs we perform in our store.

How do we repair the charging port on your iPhone Xr ?

The back glass is the door to the phone. We need to slightly heat it up on the special mat and remove the back glass. We are only few screws away to get to the old charging port. To guarantee your satisfaction, we repair your phone in our store, using our own professional equipment. The repair process is the same as iPhone performs in their repair centres. Parts which we use are iPhone highest quality available on the market. Even the fitting adhesive is the simillar which they use when assembling their phones!

About the repair process.

Our technicians will repair your phone while you wait, if it is possible. In most cases the repair doesn’t take longer than 1 hour including testing your iPhone Xr with the new charging port after repair. If you have sent it in for online repair, we will return your phone within few days or the next day if you have selected priority repair. Expect perfect results when you get your phone back !


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We test your phone after we fix it.

Your iPhone Xr will be carefully tested after repair. The test includes the charging port, back glass fitting but also we will confirm that it charges your phone and shows battery percentage going up. After you receive the phone back, we kindly ask you to test it again.