Blackberry Keyone Back Panel


Get your Blackberry Keyone back camera glass and cover replaced by professionals.

New replacement part for Blackberry Keyone, highest quality camera lens glass + battery cover black

Ready in 45 minutes if you bring it to the Store

3 days turnaround if you send it. Upgrade to express repair for Next Day return

90 days warranty


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Broken camera lens glass and battery cover on Blackberry Keyone repaired in minutes.

Use this service if the back camera lens is broken and you cannot make pictures, if the camera lens is missing, pictures are blurred or the back is broken and exposes the phone to further damage. This service should restore your Blackberry’s warranty.

The back glass is a part of the back frame and it is also the camera lens. After it breaks some sensors may not function properly. If the frame is still OK, we can just replace the back glass, without the additional risk. Your phone will look like new! The back cover comes as a part of this service.

It takes around 15 minutes to replace the back camera lens and cover on the Blakcberry Keyone. After we replace it, the phone will be checked for the back camera working properly and the back cover fitting. We also ask you to check the phone after you receive it.

This service does not include any additional risk but if the frame is also damaged and you want to change it, please choose another service.

If You Bring it

Book and appointment and visit the Fixfactor store in London. Get your phone, tablet or laptop repaired on the same day, while you wait. Enjoy free Wifi, coffee, sweets and fruits.

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2. Bring your faulty phone, tablet or laptop, fill the repair form in the store, get the confirmation note and leave your device with us.


3. Our technician will run an initial diagnostic to confirm the problem and lets the job begin! The repair should not take more than the time we agreed.

4. Finally, after agreed period of time your phone, tablet or laptop is ready for collection, repaired.

Would you like to bring your phone, tablet or laptop ? Use the booking calendar from below.

Remember to mention the model of your device are you going to bring, thank you.

August 2019