iPad Pro 12.9 (1st gen) Screen Repair


Get your iPad Pro 12.9 screen and the glass replaced by professionals.

New replacement part for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (1st generation), original screen and the front glass assembly

Ready in 2 hours if you bring it to the Store

3 days turnaround if you send it. Upgrade to express repair for Next Day return

6 months warranty


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Screen broken on your iPad Pro 12.9 1st generation (model A1584, A1652) ?

If your iPad Pro 12.9 has the screen cracked, front glass broken or the display problems, vertical lines on the screen, problem with the touch functionality, those will be all replaced at once as they come as one integral part. The service includes parts and labour.

The damage usually happens when you drop the iPad, squeeze it to hard, drop it to the water or replace the screen without experience and professional tools. We replace the faulty part and test the tablet after repair when you bring it or send it to our store.

Why the price for front glass repair and the screen replacement is the same ?

The display of iPad Pro 12.9 has been made in high precision technology that makes it nearly impossible to replace just the front glass (there are some big companies that refurbish them by reversing manufacturing process but are located mostly in China). Trying to separate them breaks the screen very easily. It has not been made to replace any parts of it, when you damage any part of the screen, the whole front display assembly needs to be changed (front glass, touchscreen, display).

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How the screen is built on my iPad Pro ?

The front glass on youriPad Pro 12.9 is laminated together with the LCD display like on all high-end mobile phones and all Apple iPads since iPad Air 2. To guarantee your satisfaction, we repair your iPad in our Store, using our own professional equipment. The repair process is the same as Apple performs in their repair centres. Parts which we use are original, the highest quality available on the market.

About the repair process.

Our technicians will repair your iPad Pro 12.9 while you wait, if it is possible. In most cases the repair doesn’t take longer than 2 hours including testing your iPad after repair. If you have sent it in for Online repair, we will return your device within few days or the next day if you have selected priority repair. Expect perfect results when you get your iPad back !

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